Visit “The Box” – our latest finished Project in Kingsbridge, near Salcombe, South Hams, South Devon

Step into the future of luxury living with our latest project in Kingsbridge, South Hams, South Devon. Working alongside CJ Moore Ltd: C J Moore Carpentry – Chris Moore – Carpenter – a stunning showcase of cutting-edge lighting design, home automation, audio and video distribution, and smart home system installation. Nestled near Kingsbridge and Dartmouth, this recently renovated modern marvel, known affectionately as “The Box,” epitomises contemporary elegance and sophistication.

Elevate Your Space:

At the heart of “The Box” lies a meticulously curated lighting design, featuring LED strip lighting – including lots of @arcled_ spotless tape artfully integrated under shelves and along walls and corners to accentuate the architectural beauty of the space. Open-plan living is elevated to new heights with the luxury of home automation – a media wall which incorporates acupanel board with a 50” TV and a @sonos beam – is seamlessly integrated with surround sound for immersive entertainment. 

We installed an air source heat pump feeding underfloor heating which can be controlled remotely, is integrated to the central smart home system and controlled by @heatmiseruk stats. We also added seamless wifi and @ubiquiti access points.

Illuminate Every Detail:

In the kitchen, pendant lighting and shelf lighting showcase indoor plants and other favourite items, while LED downlights (from @collingwoodled LED down lights), provide crisp illumination for culinary endeavours. All lighting is centrally and remotely controlled, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance at the touch of a button through our integrated home automation system.

Streamlined Connectivity:

Experience seamless connectivity with our streamlined wifi and network system, perfect for both working from home and everyday living. Separate audiovisual zones throughout the home ensure uninterrupted enjoyment, while high-speed data usage guarantees optimal performance.

Luxury in Every Space:

Indulge in luxury even in the bathroom, where a back-lit mirror which is also self-demisting, LED ceiling lights and a courtesy night light, create a spa-like atmosphere. Outside, garden lighting enhances the building’s features and landscaping, all controllable remotely to suit your schedule and your arrival and departure from the property and enhance security with censored lighting.

Experience Modern Living:

It was our pleasure to bring this vision to life, seamlessly integrating the best of modern technology into everyday living. Step into a world where innovation meets elegance – step into “The Box” and experience the future of luxury living today.

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