Our mission was to collaborate closely with the client on this project. To analyse options, provide expert product recommendations, devise tailored lighting solutions for each room, and execute the chosen plan to suit the client’s specific needs and preferences for their holiday home in Salcombe, South Devon.
We undertook extensive modifications to existing lighting circuits across the property to modernise the wiring and lighting throughout, creating an ambiance of luxury living.

For the upstairs living room, with its captivating wooden beam vaulted ceiling, we opted for Orluna Butterfly spotlights, casting a warm, inviting glow. Above the TV in the wall recess, we installed discreet Orluna Mite mini lights, ensuring the perfect viewing atmosphere as well as to highlight features and ornaments placed in the recess shelf. In the bathrooms, we chose mini Orluna Cero lights, strategically placed by the wall tiles to accentuate their beauty and evoke mood. LED tape was artfully incorporated on the shelves and below the TV in the sitting room. In multiple ensuites, we integrated PIR Operated Courtesy lighting using Lightgraphix fixtures, seamlessly blending practicality with elegance.

Lightgraphix fixtures were also selected for the stair lights, skilfully emphasising both the rise and fall of the steps and the architectural nuances of the space. Serifos up and down wall lights by Astro were introduced to infuse drama and character into the rooms. The exquisite pendant light in the downstairs toilet room, as well as the master bedroom and kitchen wall lights, were sourced from Pookey. The statement pendant light above the dining table was from Visual Comfort. To ensure both functionality and style, we incorporated de-mister pads for the mirrors in the main ensuite bathrooms. The kitchen’s switchgear were supplied by Hamilton, renowned for their high-quality, aesthetically pleasing electrical wiring accessories.

Our involvement began with an on-site meeting with the client to discuss ideas and explore possibilities for the interior lighting of this stunning holiday home. We then utilised advanced technology, presenting the client with an iPad-based floor plan that detailed each lighting circuit. This provided them with a clear visualisation of the design. As the client was residing elsewhere, this also allowed for remote collaboration and seamless communication and idea-sharing.

This project not only offered a breathtaking location to work in but also provided an opportunity to showcase the pinnacle of lighting design technology and products on offer. With a focus on premium-quality materials and design, we’re confident this home will offer a sophisticated and enjoyable environment for its occupants.

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